Welcome to Scholars Guild Academy High School Transcript Program. Scholars Guild Academy is accredited with quality, the highest accreditation level awarded by the Georgia Accrediting Commission to a non-traditional education center.

SGA supports families in obtaining an accredited high school transcript for their students. Our courses fulfill the necessary Carnegie Units that colleges require for admission.  Though transcript services require a fee in addition to normal tuition, participating students often experience a much easier college application process because of accreditation and HOPE eligible students have immediate access to funds upon entrance to college.  

Any student in the 9th-12th grades taking four or more classes, or three core classes, is eligible to participate. Transcript program services include:

  • Accredited transcript preparation

  • Maintaining a transcript-ready student file

  • Referral services for college

  • Guidance counseling

  • HOPE scholarship application assistance

  • Dual enrollment assistance

  • Records transfer to another program if needed

Please see the SGA Transcript Handbook for specific details about the program.  Our transcript counselor, Karen Walker, would be happy to answer any other questions you might have.  If you feel the transcript program would benefit your student, we welcome you to participate.


2019.20 Transcript Handbook