SGA Vision Statement



Our goal is to partner with parents in their role of training students to walk with Christ and one day become warriors for His Kingdom.  Our desire is to provide a spiritual environment grounded in God’s word with an emphasis on character, honesty, discipline, love toward others, and respect for authority.

What you can expect:

·       Godly teachers who take an interest in students and their families

·       Subjects taught from a Biblical worldview

·       Chapel 1st week of each month (optional)

·       Bible / Apologetics taught as an elective at every level

·       Service opportunities (optional)


Scholars Guild Academy is a college prep program with excellent academics.  Our program is not for every family and requires a partnership with parents, teachers, students, and staff.  Scholars Guild Academy is not a traditional or private school and does not relieve parents of their responsibility in educating their child at home.

What you can expect:

·       Accredited program (Accredited with Quality by Georgia Accrediting Commission)

·       Transcript services including high school and college counseling (optional)

·       Dual enrollment opportunities (optional)

·       Select Honors and AP classes / 19 courses of rigor for HOPE Scholarship

·       Students maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher

·       FACTS online school management system

·       Weekly communication from teachers

·       Incorporation of ‘smart technology’ in some classes

·       Caring teachers address individual student needs


Scholars Guild Academy aspires to provide a safe environment for students to grow and express themselves without being bullied or mistreated.  Any behavior that violates any of these traits will be dealt with quickly and decisively.

What You Can Expect:

·       Academic / Social Clubs

·       Senior Activities / Graduation Ceremony

·       Social events for every age level

·       SGA360⁰

·       Field Trips

·       Safe, loving, encouraging environment