community coordinators

We believe that God created people to live in community.  This is especially true for students and we realize that attending school one day a week provides a unique challenge in creating an environment where community flourishes.  Because we value this so deeply, we have established Community Coordinators, aka CCs, for each grade level. These ladies all share a few common traits: they all love people and have a passion for connection, they are high energy and creative, and they all love to throw a great party.  The goal of the CCs is to plan events and opportunities for students and parents to connect with someone new, deepen existing friendships, and make memories! We hope to see you at the next event!

SGA360 slide (white, pp, jpeg).jpg


SGA360 is our back-to-school bash!  It is a one-night event at the beginning of the year with the central goal of connection.  The night is purposefully planned to facilitate connections among students that will hopefully grow into friendships throughout the year.  It is definitely a favorite event for our students!


Student Life committee

The  Student Life Committee is a student-led group of select sophomores, juniors, and seniors who help plan social activities for our student body.  The goal of this group is to facilitate a sense of community and fellowship for our students and families as well as provide hands-on mentoring and leadership opportunities for the students involved.  The SLC seeks engaged, energetic, and enthusiastic student leaders and requires an application and interview process.